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Homeowner's Insurance Claims

At least one insurer doing business and domiciled in Minnesota is well-known for low-balling homeowners on the scope and cost of repairs for covered losses.  I know at least one litigation involving that insurer is open and likely headed to trial.  But, the insurance industry is not known for being generous.  That said, some insurers are very easy to work with.  If yours is not, call earlier than later.
The Minnesota Fair Claims Practices Act and your insurance policy will mandate that the insurer is obligated to pay the cost to have covered losses repaired or replaced.  That is, the insurer does dictate the amount that is to be paid by the insurer. Rather, the competitive bidding process among qualified contractors will determine what is the reasonable and necessary cost and scope of repairs necessary.  Is there a difference in cost between Cottonwood and White Bear Lake?  Maybe, but that's not for an insurer to dictate.
Insurance policies also carry timeframes within which you must act.  Absent some variables, those timeframes can be enforced against you and reduce your time to start an action.  Do not miss a deadline because your insurer is failing to fulfill its legal obligations!  Call now and let's make sure you get what you pay for from your insurance company.

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