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Homeowner's Claims: Appraisal Process

Minnesota just had a massive, destructive stretch of weather.  Hugo to Forest Lake to Hinckley all had serious damage.  Along 35E through Hinckley, the damage is plainly visible from the freeway.  Insurance policies will be heavily relied on to restore homes to their pre-storm conditions.
Disputes will arise.  Either the amount due won't be agreed upon or the scope of necessary repairs being the most likely areas of dispute.  The policy dictated means of resolving these disputes is the appraisal process.  You will need to utilize that process before you can commence a lawsuit, if it is needed.
The appraisal process requires that your side and the insurer basically informally arbitrate the claim to an independent third-party adjuster.  That adjuster issues an award that identifies the scope of the approved work and dollar award.
I just went through this process with great success against a national insurer.  That doesn't mean your case will be another great success, but my experience can increase the likelihood of a good result.  When you get into the claim dispute stage, call on me to help you get what you pay for from your insurer.

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