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Material Facts in the of a Home: Evidence Sources

With the housing market having run really hot the last couple years, and still running hot in most markets, it is about the time that people start discovering facts about the house they bought.  We make substantial financial decisions to buy a house with extremely little time invested in investigating it.  Part of that is due to the mandatory seller's home disclosure.  In that disclosure the seller is required to tell you about the material facts of the home that they are aware of at the time.
The extreme difficulty is in proving the seller knowingly failed to disclose something.  Where you can go for evidence becomes the question.  Here are some good sources:
  1. Public records like the city building permit office.
  2. Past listing agents who sold the property.
  3. Neighbors.
  4. CLUE reports that show the history of insurance claims.
Getting someone to admit they lied is not going to happen.  Getting them in a spot where they know they are caught is the key.  Outside information is what you needed and I know how to get it.

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