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The Document Probate Lawyers Don't Want You to Know About

Transfer on Death Deed.  Commonly referred to as TODD.
Probate will be required if you have a will, but do not have a TODD.  That's why probate lawyers don't want you to know.
Here's what it is.  It is a 2 page deed that the current owners of real estate sign.  In the deed you identify who you want to take title to the real estate after the last of the current owners passes away.  The survivors have three small steps to take before title is issued in their names: medical clearance certificate; death certificate; and affidavit of survivorship. 
You probably have the legal description already.  That's needed for the TODD.
The cost to record:  $46.  Your total cost of preparation and recording:  About $500.
The cost to file a probate:  $302.  Attorney's fees as part of a probate:  About $5,000
Get a TODD on record if you own a home.  This is true regardless of how old you are as life happens and preparing is better than responding.

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