Estate Doing, Not Planning

Lawyers refer to the preparation of wills, health care directives, trusts, and power of attorney documents as "Estate Planning". I find this phrase wildly problematic because it invites people to only "plan" and not DO. The critical part of preparing your estate is to DO the estate work.

img-signing-documentA story told too many times is that a person passes away, but has not done the work necessary to avoid the probate process. The part of estate doing, a part that was maybe planned, but not done, was the non-probate transfer of the real estate. There may be a will in place and the will identifies who gets the real estate, but a will cannot transfer title to the real estate.There is 1 simple answer and 1 slightly more difficult answer to this situation. A transfer on death deed is the simple answer. A trust is the slightly more difficult answer. Which is right for you depends on the value of your estate.

Estate doing should be the catch-phrase, not estate planning. Start your estate doing today by calling me to schedule an initial, free visit.

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