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It's ReCharge Time!

As the recent saying goes, it's been a minute.   It's not as though nothing has been happening, in fact a lot has been.  Here are some highlights:
2 Trials
2 closed regulatory investigations
1 personal injury settlement
Several ongoing litigations at various stages
2 ongoing business transactions
As much as there needs to be work done, it has also been a time to try and re-charge.  Burnout is real, fatigue is real.  We are not meant to exist for the purpose of working, so finding time to recharge is critical.
For me, that's been Saturdays.  I've been biking 30-40 miles per Saturday with a workout class in the mix.  Come this Saturday it will culminate with a 45-mile mountain bike race in northern Minnesota.  Training is hard but rewarding and refreshing.
Hopefully, you find time for you, time to commit to yourself and recharge.  I have never regretted doing just that and think the same right now in this current recharge period.

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