How is a case won?

Television is fiction. When it comes to television shows depicting lawyers, law firms, and the courts, the depiction bears nary a peppercorn of reflection of actual court proceedings. Television sets the grand "Aha" or "Gotcha" moment. Will Colonel Jessup tell the truth? Lieutenant Kaffee wants the truth, he wants answers!!! Outstanding viewing for sure, but I have never seen or heard of a lawyer and witness yelling at each other without an objection a lawyer or interruption by the judge to restore civility.

How then is a case won if there's not a "Gotcha" moment? Frankly, cases are rarely won by the lawyer. Usually what the lawyer can do is take a winning case and make it a loser. Cases are largely won based on papers and witness credibility. A lawyer's best value is in assisting clients and witnesses tell a credible, paper supported story. A lawyer's next best value is in discrediting witnesses. Ironically, the best way to discredit witnesses is through papers.
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If you are litigation conscious, your best course of action right now is to document your business affairs. The reality is that the facts of a future litigation are being developed right now! Prepare yourself now and find a good lawyer who can help you win. You don't need to be flashy, you just need to be prepared and you need to be you. I understand that, I've used it with great success, and I've seen the problems that get created by people not being who they are and trying to outsmart the judges and lawyers.

If you find yourself in a litigation or the prospect of litigation, call me and I will get you prepared to win.

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