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Results for Clients Highlights 2023

Hiring a lawyer means you need a result.  Nothing is ever guaranteed and things can happen outside of our control, but the totality of the case tells you whether a result was good, bad, or otherwise.
Here are some recent results achieved for clients:

A Hennepin County jury rejected $248,000 of claims against a client after a 5 day trial.
Four personal injury settlements.  All were pre-litigation.  Two settlements were very good, one was fair, and one was impaired by medical opinions of treating providers.
Three global estate plans, including revocable trusts, transfer on death deeds, health care directives, and power of attorney documents. 
A multi-million dollar purchase agreement for a client selling a business.
These cases varied in location to include Minneapolis, Hugo, Anoka, Minnetonka, and Stillwater. 
You can read about lawyers' results on their sites.  Most are cherry picking.  The whole body of work is what's important.  Choose a lawyer who will be candid with you about your case and outcomes.  You'll be happy you did.

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