Regulator Gets Reigned in: Commerce Ordered to Pay

The Minnesota Department of Commerce is a wildly powerful state agency. It regulates many industries: Real estate agents; appraisers; insurance agents; mortgage originators; and others. Whether in Duluth or Hugo, if you are in a regulated industry under Commerce's umbrella, you can be investigated by Commerce.

I have represented many parties investigated by Commerce. Most of the time my experience is the same, unfortunately. Commerce's investigators and decision makers are professionally boorish and incapable of understanding the regulated party's position.

Now, the Department's abusive tactics have been brought to light. A national windshield replacement service provider was awarded nearly $1,000,000.00 in attorney's fees and costs based upon an abusive investigation and illegal conduct by the Department of Commerce.

If you are under investigation you need someone to stand up for you. I am that person.

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