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Limitations on Remedies, Warranties in Sale of Goods

There's contract law, then there's the Uniform Commercial Code ("UCC"). The UCC is a distinct set of statutes that governs commercial transactions.  There is essentially one single UCC version that all states have adopted.  As such, you can generally expect that the UCC of Minnesota is the same as say Wisconsin or any other state.
The UCC is unique in that it expressly authorizes certain restrictive terms in contracts.  There is no disputing the validity of the terms, if they are indeed accepted.  Merchants of goods enjoy substantial contract power by including the available terms, such as limitations on warranties, waiver by the customer of remedies, limitations of remedies to the price paid by the customer, and others.
Sellers of goods who are not taking advantage of the UCC are unnecessarily creating substantial exposure.  Whether in Lino Lakes or Hugo or St. Cloud, forming your contracts around the UCC is a fundamental necessity.  With a few additional paragraphs you can dramatically improve your leverage, rights, and reduce your risk. 

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