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Lawyer Conflicts: A Primer

Some lawyers, myself included, do not confine themselves to just one area of law.  I practice in both transactional, counseling, and litigation matters.  I find that keeps me sharp on issues in all three areas and help clients avoid pitfalls.
Sometimes though, that creates a conflict of interest.  Put in plain language, a conflict exists if I represented a client in a transaction or dealing and then also later in a same or substantially related matter where confidential information I previously came into as counsel could be used against that party.  A conflict also exists if a potential client’s interests are adverse to a current or past client.
In situations where a conflict arises, I have lawyers in St.  Paul, Mahtomedi, Oakdale, Roseville, and even Grand Rapids and Duluth who I can call on.  If you think your lawyer has a conflict, I can provide my insight on the issue.  

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