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Is Your LLC Dissolved?

The Minnesota Secretary of State is the government agency that tracks the existence of Minnesota companies and those registered to do business in the state.  Your company, whether by you or another, is registered with the Secretary of State.
On a bi-annual basis your company is required to renew its registration.  It is done electronically and carries a minimal fee.  What if you miss that renewal though?  Does it mean your company cannot do business?  Absolutely the answer is No, you CAN operate...
But, what you do need to do is renew the registration (even if the deadline has passed).  That renewal is essentially retroactive to the date of administrative dissolution.  It also keeps you from having to create an entirely new entity and all the associate hassles (bank accounts, EIN, e-mail accounts, contract name changes, etc.).
If you are unsure on what any of the above means, I recommend a corporate check-up to make sure your books are in order.  Let's get that done together so you have a clean corporate bill of health!

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