Insurance Coverage for Acts of Terror

Substantial destruction is being caused to innocent parties. The prospect of criminal restitution for damage caused is next to zero. The primary source of capital for rebuilding? Insurance.

If you have not already done so, now is a proper time to evaluate your insurance coverage. Are acts of terror covered? What is the definition of an act of terror? You need to actually read and understand the definitions to know what coverage you have. To further complicate matters, every policy has its own definitions and those definitions may not be the same for the same words and phrases.

There are 2 calls you should make to understand your insurance: Your Agent and Me. An agent is an agent of the insurance company and her words can bind the company, but make sure you document your conversation. Second, if you have any lack of clarity about what is in your policy, call me and we can confirm what you do or do not have.

Good luck out there, it's a strange time in history.

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