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Insurance Claim Denied? It's Not Over

There is a rule of civil procedure that precludes referencing insurance coverage in a trial.  Part of the reasoning is that insurers are not liked and if they are made to pay instead of a party, that will influence the jury's decision more than the facts.  Insurance policies are the product of decades of experience, highly refined definitions, and multiple highly trained professionals in the insurance company.   What then can you do when your own insurance policy is used to deny you coverage?
Here's how you and the courts approach reading an insurance policy.  As opined by the Minnesota Supreme court, the interpretation of an insurance policy and whether a policy provides coverage in a particular situation are questions of law.  That is, the insurance company's opinion on the interpretation is not final.   Insurance policy language is to be given its plain and ordinary meaning. But, when it comes to exclusions, those are construed in favor of the insured.
If you have a claim denied, particularly due to an exclusion, I am here to help you understand your policy and take action to get you coverage.  Insurance policies are complex and adjusters commonly make mistakes.  Don't let their errors cost you.

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