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Gallatin Law Prevails in Trial Again!

Another trial decision came in at the end of last week.  This time it was a court trial (the judge decides the case) in Anoka County.  At issue was whether the sale of certain personal property from a Blaine company to residents of Columbus, Minnesota was misrepresented by the seller and whether my clients were owed their money back.
Our position was the seller misrepresented the product being sold, failed to deliver title to the product, and failed to deliver it as required.  Between the time of the contract and our commencement of suit, the full purchase price was paid, but the product sat and became deteriorated.  Testimony at trial characterized it as now being a liability, not an asset.
The judge agreed with my arguments and legal citations in her final Order.  I believe I was very successful in discrediting the defendants' witnesses and using their testimony to our benefit.  It was also a great boon to our case that my clients' story was sincere, they did an excellent job presenting their story, and held their ground under cross-examination.
Trials are risky, but the reward can be great.  In this case my clients will get all of their money back, plus I am taxing the other side for the allowable fees and interest.  It was a very rewarding outcome that was extremely important to my clients.  It was a privilege to represent them and help them achieve a just result.

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