Gallatin Law Prevails at Trial in Anoka County

Gallatin Law doesn't write about all of its wins, however, this highly contentious real estate litigation case deserves a note.

In this case Gallatin Law represented the defendant who, among other things, was sued for breach of contract. Plaintiff, who was also the step-daughter of Defendant, claimed Plaintiff and Defendant entered into a contract to buy a home together, and therefore, Plaintiff was entitled to the $25,000.00 she claimed she put down at the beginning and an additional 50 percent of the proceeds once the house was sold. Plaintiff's total claim was for about 80% of the net proceeds from the home.

Gallatin Law and Dan successfully argued the Statue of Limitations precluded Plaintiff's claim, that Plaintiff presented her claim under fraudulent pretenses in light of her prior bankruptcy history, and that she failed to satisfy Minnesota law on contract formation. Also related to the litigation, Gallatin Law successfully had Plaintiff removed from the subject property, with payment of delinquent amounts due from Plaintiff.

This case was a wonderful mix of law, facts, emotion, and trial. Not all cases come out positively, but this one did with an exclamation point.

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