Gallatin Law, PLLC Prevails at Trial

After four days in trial, a Hennepin County jury returned a img-feature1-gavel-booksverdict in favor of Gallatin Law, PLLC's client. I defended a small Minnesota corporation based in Minneapolis against the claims of probably one of the largest coin selling companies in the world ("Plaintiff"). Plaintiff was represented by a large, downtown Minneapolis law firm whose assigned trial counsel was a "Minnesota Attorney of the Year" as recently as 2013.

As to the basic facts, my client employed a person who had previously been fired by Plaintiff. Upon termination, Plaintiff gave the fired employee customer information. The terminated employee did not realize that until after he started working for my client and, while working for my client, made sales to some of the customers named in the information given to him by Plaintiff. Plaintiff sued my client to recover money and to try to prevent my client from having and using the information Plaintiff gave to its terminated employee. My client's position was that it simply did not do anything wrong, should not be made to pay money to Plaintiff under these circumstances, and should not be prohibited from using the customer information Plaintiff gave away.

Trial is always a risky proposition. A close colleague of mine refers to trial as legalized gambling. Anybody who tells you they know you will win at trial is kidding themselves, and more importantly, you. In this case, I had a client with great courage, who properly assessed the risk of trial, and made what turned out to be the right choice.

If you think my history of trial experience can be of value to you, I am here and happy to talk with you about your case.

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