End of the Year Wonderings

Here are a few things I've contemplated over the year, but haven't been able to answer. If you have an answer, shoot me an e-mail for a $20 gift card to a local restaurant:

  1. Why do cars stack up at bank teller lanes when there are other open lanes?
  2. Why don't more people use re-usable grocery bags? They are so much stronger than the thin ones the grocery stores provide.
  3. Why do bicycle riders wear such tight clothes? The goal is to exercise. Loose clothing would provide more resistance, which creates more difficulty and would be much more comfortable.
  4. If the directions say to put the frozen pizza directly on the rack, why wouldn't you just put the pizza sheet in when you start warming up the oven? That way the cheese and such won't make a mess in your oven.
I have more, but that is enough. Merry Christmas and see you soon.

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