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Daily Living as Part of Litigation Decision Making

Monday morning of this week I was sitting at my desk bouncing between looking at papers and typing.  A police siren outside my window caused me to look north on Highway 61 in Hugo.  From my desk I could see that an ambulance, firetruck, and three or four police cars had gathered to respond to an accident. 
What does that have to do with litigation?  One of the things I ask people to incorporate into their analysis when making final decisions in litigation is how the resolution will affect their daily living and how the litigation has, to that point, affected their daily living.  It is important to keep in mind the consequences of the stress and uncertainty that litigation brings to your day to day existence.  Resolution on terms you can control and on terms that benefit you, not only bring a positive outcome to your dispute, but also terminate the stress and anxiety.
On Monday morning somebody might have been seriously hurt.  After 40 or so minutes the accident was cleared and traffic resumed like normal.  Nobody knew any differently, except the person who took the brunt of the accident.  Accidents happen, you don't know when but you can rest assured, somewhere, somebody is experiencing something they didn't plan on.
 I counsel litigants to make decisions that help them control their future and avoid an unwanted, avoidable event.  If you can benefit from that approach, let's talk and work on your situation to create a positive outcome.

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