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A Glimpse Into the Legal Process

Everyone, except for anyone living in Hennepin County who might be a juror or witness, I ardently encourage you to watch the proceedings in State of Minnesota v. Chauvin.  The pre-trial, jury selection, and trial are all being live streamed through media outlets.
I find this critically important for the average Joe.  It is a rare opportunity to hear the lawyers and judges express the blend of argument, facts, and law into why something should or should not be admitted as evidence.  In jury selection, you get an insight into what the lawyers are trying to learn about potential jurors in order to assess the biases or tendencies of each juror.
These two aspects can be as important as the evidence itself.  In particular, jury selection can make or break a case. 

Judge Cahill appears, from what I have seen, to be doing a splendid job of being decisive.  The lawyers are doing an excellent job of being to the point and being prepared.  They are collectively presenting a very good show for the public to consume.
I have written many articles on trial preparation, what trials are like, and other such topics.  This is maybe your last chance ever to see some it in in real time, real life.  Don't miss this chance!


(link to KSTP 3/10, may need to click additional links for live stream or specific dates of this process after the fact)

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